Our Focus

Power Clouds Inc. is an international green energy producer that develops, owns and operates a diverse portfolio of international PV solar parks that connect directly to national power grids on long-term supply contracts that benefit from government subsidies. These assets provide guaranteed income streams for 15 years or longer. The company currently has operational plants in Romania and Italy and is exploring projects in other European countries for purchase in 2017.

PWCL’s mission is to build the world’s largest distributed and connected green energy parks that together produce clean energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. PWCL creates value for investors by developing, owning and operating clean energy power plants in multiple countries where the combination of regulatory, economic and environmental elements are maximized. Global focus means operations are not limited to any one geography or single commercial model or regulatory influence. Power Clouds has a core team of experts operating with specific expertise in photovoltaic solar parks, and a proven ability to deliver the highest technical and cutting-edge solutions across multiple locations.